Zalgo Text Generator Online

Generate your Zalgo Text to copy and paste it into your profile or messenger

What is Zalgo Text?

Zalgo Text is a distorted version of the normal text that looks like a scary. This zalgo generator, and all others which produce cursed looking text that you can copy and paste use these diacritic marks to create the demonic looking text.

Zalgo text generator for cursed text letters is a creepy text destroyer that will make your text grow tall and glitched adding text symbol scratchy noise.

How to make Zalgo or Demonic Text?

You just need to type in the normal text in the text field area and on the other side, the resultant Zalgo Text is generated that can be copied and pasted anywhere ( Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or Discord).

Do you often see how people post bizarre transitioned texts that look uniquely styled? These texts are portrayed as part of memes or images, some of which look nicely framed while some look very creepy.

How does Zalgo Text work?

Character rendering of Unicode is not like other character encodings. A simple character encoding allows glyphs to fit only in the specified height, unlike the Unicode.

The generator adds symbols on top, beneath and in the middle of your text. Putting stuff in the middle is discouraged, because some browsers and system that are not as good with symbols, are going to turn some letters into squares then.